Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea – Our Highest End
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Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea – Our Highest End

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Varieties:Green tea
Brewing temperature:176°F~194°F
Tea to water ratio:1:50 ~ 60 (3.6-4g tea for 200ml water)
Brewing time:Kindda personal thing. While 10s is enough for the first cup, you can also brew it for 2~3min, like a professional tea taster.
Tea polyphenols:2%
Cold brewing:✔
Product Dimensions: 9.252(length)*4.3307(width)*3.1496(height) inches,
Weight: 108 Gram(3.81 OZ)
Place of origin: China
Shipping: By Epacket

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Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea - Fruit Autumn

Autumn, this tea is the highest end of our tea products, autumn is the harvest season, the symbol of the best fruit. The difference between this fruitful autumn. Autumn and midsummer night’s dream is that each leaf is carefully selected, larger, and greener than the leaves of midsummer night’s dream. The Chinese name for this tea is Zhu Ye Qing.

Zhu Ye Qing – Brewing Method

Zhu Ye Qing - Brewing Method

Embellish soak: high-grade famous and excellent zhu ye green tea generally adopts the chic method, which is to buy the tea first and then pour it into the boiling water. As for the general public tea, of course, is the first tea after the flush.

Tea water temperature at 176°F~194°F advisable, water for 1/4 or 1/3 cup capacity, make zhuyeqing tea bibulous diastole, which facilitates tea juice precipitate, began to brew after about 30 seconds

The number of times of brewing: about three times, with the method of “phoenix three nods”, the water is poured into the cup to about 70% of the total capacity, which means “seven minutes of tea and three minutes of love”.

After three times of “high impulse”, the tea in the cup is turned up and down, and the tea soup in the cup is evenly concentrated.

On the other hand, it is polite to welcome guests. The process of brewing requires the kettle to be hung high, so that the water flow has the impact force and the beauty of the curve

Health Benefits

Health care. Strong cardiac spasmolysis. Excitation. Diuretic action. Inhibits atherosclerosis. Antibacterial and bacteriostasis. Anti-caries effect. Weight loss. Inhibits cancer cells.

fruitful autumn is the good that diet therapy tastes, but, cool tea has the side effect of the phlegm of cold sluggish, collect to the body. Drink herbal tea not only can not clear fire phlegm but will appear injury spleen, stomach, and the situation of phlegm. Must not drink cool tea so.

Note: tea when the water temperature is 176°F~194°F, it is a standard with 200 ml water 3.6-4 g tea, the shelf life for a year, because the tea easy oxidation, so storage sealed away from light.

Matters needing attention(Some people can’t drink it): Expecting or breastfeeding moms; babies and toddlers; anyone suffering anemia, fever, weak stomach, unhealthy liver, tachycardia, or neurasthenia; or who are drunk or just have had pills.


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