Mao Feng Green Tea - Green Forest - Loose leaf tea
Mao Feng Green Tea – Best For Beginner
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Mao Feng Green Tea – Best For Beginner

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Varieties:Green tea
Brewing temperature:176°F~194°F
Tea to water ratio:1:50 ~ 60 (3.6-4g tea for 200ml water)
Brewing time:Kindda personal thing. While 10s is enough for the first cup, you can also brew it for 2~3min, like a professional tea taster.
Tea polyphenols:2%
Cold brewing:✔
Product Dimensions: inches,
Weight: 108 Gram(3.81 OZ)
Place of origin: China
Shipping: By Epacket

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When the sunshine go through the cascades of branches and leaves on the grass, the forest gives us the freshest air. Especially the natural green tea gives us fresh taste like in the summer forest in general.

Origin of Mao Feng Tea

Origin of Mao Feng Tea

Sichuan is one of the origins of cultivating, producing, and drinking tea in China and around the world with a long history of tea culture. As the unique climate, year-round rainy, and hazy, high mountain tea is rarely directly radiated by the sun, so tea is not only rarely affected by pests and diseases, but also it reduces the opportunity to be sprayed pesticides. Anyway, the tea there is more natural.

Green forest(MaoFeng) is selected from Sichuan alpine organic tea garden which is surrounded by the Tibetan plateau terrain and the four-sided mountain terrain in Ya’an. Thus, the tea is cultivated with the abundant rainfall, mild climate, no cold in winter, no summer heat. The environment is very good with green mountains and rain. Wet and heat weather appear in the same season. The soil is fertile and deep and the topsoil is loose. The acidity is suitable which forms good quality for tea and creates very favorable conditions.

Features and Processing of Mao Feng

Features and Processing of Mao Feng

Green forest(MaoFeng) tea is strip tight in roll, it has green oily, silver buds, pekoe exposed, fresh aroma, fresh taste. The tea is yellow and green. The leaf bottom is green.

The picking of Maofeng is very delicate. The picking standard for a bud and one leaf for once time. The picking criteria for 1-3 grade Maofeng is one bud one leaf, one bud two leaves for the beginning; then it comes with one bud three-leaf. The best Maofeng can be picked before and after Qingming. 1-3 grade Maofeng is picked before and after the valley rain.

Fresh leaves are classified in the factory with the removal of frostbite leaves and diseased insects on the harmful leaves. It picks out the bad leaves, terriers, and tea fruit to ensure that the quality of bud leaves. The fresh leaves of different tenderness are spread separately to evaporate part of the moisture. In order to keep quality and freshness of tea, it is required to pick in the morning and produce in the afternoon, or pick in the afternoon and produce at night.

Maofeng’s manufacturing is divided into three processes: water-removing, rolling, and baking.

Note: when the water temperature is 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, it is a standard with 200 ml water 3.6-4 g tea.

Be careful not to drink Green forest tea with an empty stomach. People with stomach cold should not drink too much. Green forest tea also should not be consumed before going to bed.

Health Benefits

Green forest tea has the effect of delaying aging. tea polyphenols have a strong antioxidant and physiological activity which helps to clear the toxin of the human body.

Green forest tea has the effect of inhibiting the cardiovascular disease, tea polyphenols play an important role in human fat metabolism.


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